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love scarf

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About Me:
My name is Shawna and I am a stay at home mom of 4 wonderful and rambunctious kids.  I started crocheting when my oldest 3 kids were still in diapers and I haven't stopped since.  I make a lot of different things, but my favorite things to make are finger puppets.  You can find my free patterns on my website.

I can also be found at  Stop by if you want to show off your projects or just want to chat about crochet.

My Social Media Sites:


My Patterns:

peacockfinger puppet menagerie
phinneas hatelephant
a monkey for my monkeyzombie rabbit
baa, baa black sheepbrown bear
blue horsegold fish
green frogpurple cat
red birdwhite dog
yellow duckmighty thor
phunky brimmed beaniethe hulk
captain americairon man
b.a. baracusa-team
peacockthe i.t. crowd
hey homies!allons-y
dont blink!eamon scarf
tuesday scarfadian hat
aries hatbowtiful booties
a spike for phinneashearts on a string scarf
easy peasy shamrockmadame bouvierre
aelwyn scrappy scarfhappy towel day
octavius the octopusoctavius the octopus
owlwynsimple birthday crown
tri-bobble mary janesvalentine bear
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