12 inch square

12 granny square american flag
american flag 12 inch granny square amethyst
anticipation mystery afghan arches
around a flower autumn clusters
autumn falls autumn warmth
avant-garde awareness ribbon
basket of berries bevs
big june * big ribbon
bloom where you are planted blooming garden block
blooming granny bold
bright and cheery butterfly garden square
c word – clusters cat tracks
celebrating the heart chained compass motif with variations
charity squares cherries jubilee
chocolate delight citrus spray
corn flower cornucopia of buttons
country blues crazy granny
creeping trebles crochet in common
crocodile flower cross my heart
crown jewels cute as a button
daisy four different kinda granny
double treble burst dragonflies around
dragonfly air dutch
easter day embracing variety
eye of the beholder fall wreath with buttons
fallen hero granny falling star
flower wreath football team colors
forever love four ribbons
framed flower freedom julys
friends frilly flower
georges granny gone bull~istic
grannys fireworks great granny bars
green thumb groovy loops
half-n-half hear inside
heart heart gone meshy
heart of the usa heart shapes
hearts and ribbons heat wave
homecoming queen of bullions hometown
hope squared huggin the stars
hugs n kisses i love the usa 1
i love the usa 2 * i love the v-stitch
i love you ice cave
in remembrance awareness irish rose pillow-ghan *
june bugs just meshin around
katharines rose lacy sun
lemony lime citrus love crochet
love never ends love squared
lovely in green magic spike mandala square
majesty manly
maple leaf meshy hearts
mistletoe more vs please
mountain ridges mulberry bush
mums the word never ending love
north star odyssey
offset shell on the huh
orange blossom peppermint mocha 12 inch granny square
petals of spring mays pineapple blossom
pineapple granny pink crush
pinwheel popcorn lace 12″ afghan square
popcorn parade popcorn pillowghan
pretty petals pretty spaces
puffy hear purifying puritans 12″ afghan block
quilted grannies racing stripes
rare fruits sampler remember me
ribbons of courage sailing along
scallop edged filet schoharie spring
seeing spots september romance
shape shifting shell around
shell center square worked in two colors shells and waves
shining star simple four-patch
single dragonfly single dragonfly 12″ square
slanted heart Slouchy Beanie
snowfall solid stripe
southwest jewel spiral granny
spring sun springtime luck
squares squared stacked hearts
stained glass standout star
starburst flower starburst flower mandala square
starburst square starfire
stephanies elephant stitches aplenty
suggestion square summer romance
sun daze sunny skies
sunny skies teenies dream
thankful stitches that luv
tiptoe through the tulips trebling granny
triangle tango triangle vs afghan
tulip turkey
two for one heart two tone
unholey granny veritable v-stitch
versailles versailles – 12″ square
violet wheel lattice
whole lotta holes winged dragon
winter dream winter rose
wish upon a star yarn clouds