6 inch square

16-circles square 4-hearts square
4-pointed star square 6-inch block patterns
6″ box fan 6″ bubblegum block
6″ flower burst square alhambra square
aligned shells afghan square altair
amber waves afghan square * another variation of a granny square
antique pearls square * arrow afghan square
azalea baby ball square
baby flower motif balancing act
basic granny 1 basic granny square
basket in the window betelgeuse
bevs soft flower square birds of the air- lilies of the field
blanket square pattern songbird blo: 6 inch square
bowtie bunny applique/square bulky square
cabled heart square cabled lines heart square
caged flower carnival
carousel square * cathedral windows square
celtic granny 6×6 charity square nbr 1 thru 4
checkerboard chessboard 6″ square
chickens christmas afghan square
christmas granny christmas tree pine fresh granny
chubby butterfly square climbing corners 6″ square
clover afghan square cockade
Coming Up Roses Square control issues
cool 2b square corkscrew square
corn flower cornered hearts square
cotton candy afghan square cow applique/square
crocodile stitch afghan block – dahlia cross stitch square
dahlia dahlia burst afghan square
diagonal box stitch square dianes flower 6″ square
dog rose dogwood blossom motif
double rainbow crochet square earth
easy ruffled squares eliot square
end of the scepter- an invitation from jesus eye of the vampire 6″ square
eyes in the mist farmington square
fireworks afghan square fisherman’s ring *
flower button granny square flower child granny square
flower day 6″ square flower granny square 6 inch
flowerchild flowers and rows
fluffy fluttering breeze 6″ square
forever lace block Forget-me-not Square
four-triangles square framed church windows 6-inch square
framing a flower 6″ square fresh air 6″ square
friendship bear square front post ripple square
garden garden gate 6″ granny square
garden of flowers gothic square *
grace-adia flower 6″ square granny heart square
granny loves a baby grass
green thumb halloween afghan square
harvest square haze
heart afghan square heart stricken square
hexagon motif his design 6” square
holiday squares im so blue
intersection irish square
italian flag jackalope
jackies heart granny square jubilee
julias flower – 6″ square jungle square
jupiter just peachy blossom
kaleidoscope afghan square katy – 6″ square
kingfield square lacy diamond square
ladybug applique/square ladys rose – 6″ square
ladys rose granny large ruffley squircle
letter l afghan block little flower square
little lamb applique/square love & honor 6″ square
luisa manna- the lords provision
march square mars
marys flower granny square may flower
mercury moms flower 6″ square
monster applique/square moon
neptune new year burst square
newport square north star
nosegay square * off the top of my head square
open cross 6″ square open treble puff heart square
orange blossom origami granny in my square
orion owl applique/square
patriotic granny square pattys square
peek-a-boo shells phoebe
picot of the day pig applique/square
pinky dreamy square pixie flower 6″ square
pluto pretty spaces square
puff cross prayer square puff pastry block
puffy square raspberry medallion square
reflected dragonfly 6″ square rigel
ring around a new year 6″ square ring in the middle afghan square
robot applique/square saturn
seeing spots shape shifting in 6- 6″ square
shells around simple wish 6″ square
simply ez pz 6 inch square single dragonfly 6in square
sirio six inch afghan square
six inch easter afghan square skull granny square
slanted- living with secret sin small winter burst 6″ square
smoke rings snow flower square
snowflake breeze 6″ square snowflake lace square
somewhat girly camo square spider in the barn square
spring loops 6″ square squiggles block
star of david star square
stars in his eyes sticks and stones- relationships hurt
stratton square striped checkerboard baby afghan square
strong tower- a daddys love and strength subtle hearts square
sun sunburst granny square *
sunburst square sunny day rooster afghan square
sunshine square pattern sweet buttercup square
tagliatelle that froggy square
that turtle square thetys
tongues of fire- a life or death matter topsy turvy 6 inch square
treble puff heart square treble thread square
two for one heart square uranus
ursa major ursa minor
venus vertical ribbons 6″ square
vintage lace square vintage wheel square
viola violas garden party
vs and fans window square wagon wheel granny
water lily pad granny square wild granny square
window pane square windowpane scrap square
winter star 6″ square x o squared
yellow puff flower granny