jar lid doilies 10-point poinsettia doily – 9½ inch diameter
16-spoke doily 3 sized doilies
4 leaf clover doily a beautiful crochet doily
a little bit of blue * alcyone
andromeda antique pineapple doily
antique scalloped doily antlia
apis april showers doily
apus aquarius
aquila ara
aries around a square doily
arrow tip coaster arrows
As You Like It Bread Doily #7540 auriga
be-flowered denim jacket beaded doily
beaded oval dolie beaded rose jar doily
big beauty big snowflake doilies
blossom doily blossom doily
blue doily blue lagoon
blue pineapples blue rose doily
bonbon boötes
bowl and doily boy dresser yarn doilies
Bread Tray Doily #7259 bread tray doily #7396
bridge crossing doily buffet scarf
butterfly luncheon set #s-61 butterfly night table doily
butterfly night table doily #s-55 button showcase doily
caelum calla lily doily
cancer candy
cappuccino doily caprice doily
capricornus cassiopeia
castles-in-the-air luncheon set #7404 cat with bow doily
celtic cross doily centerpiece doily
cepheus chains around my heart doily
chair set christmas amaryllis doily
christmas lattice and shells doily christmas lattice n shells doily
christmas pineapple doily christmas shells doily
chunky crochet doily pattern in two sizes circle of hearts
clover leaf doily cloverleaf doily
cloverleaf doily #d-115 clustered puffy pentagon doily
coaster or doily cobweb doily
colorful doilies colorful doily
colorful table doily cornfield doily #d-126
country starlet coventry doily
cranes-bills creamy dream doily
crocus doily crown
crown of pineapples doily crowned daisy doily
crowns surround crystal love mini doily
crystal star doily cutie pie doily
dahlia daisy chain doily
daisy frills doily daisy luncheon set
daisy web doily daisy-not
dancing dollies danny boy doily
day dream doily #7318 dazzling doilies
doily doily – 3 ways *
doily 21st century mystery cal doily of the month – april
doily of the month – august doily of the month – december
doily of the month – december doily of the month – february
doily of the month – january doily of the month – july
doily of the month – july doily of the month – june
doily of the month – june doily of the month – march
doily of the month – march doily of the month – may
doily of the month – november doily of the month – october
doily of the month – september doily of the month – september
doily of the month august doily re-do
doily tutorial doily with cluny crochet
doily with cluster edging doily with crochet in three colors
doily with edge in contrasting color doily with two colored mesh edging
doily-ed vase dont forget me
double pansy doily double ruffled doily
ears easter egg doily
easy doily easy pineapple doily
ecru ecru doily
edelweiss flower doily elegant motifs
elegant ruffled doily eleven point shell doily
empire luncheon set english lace
exquisite flower doily extravaganza doily #7351
fairfax doily family heritage
fan doilies fancy doily
fans feathered petals
fern leaf doily ferris wheel doily
festival fancy luncheon mat & napkin edging field of daisies
Filet Bread Tray Doily #7131 filet cameo
filet cat doily filet doily
filet net star doily filet square doily
five-hour doily flat pansy motif
flat v-stitch doily floral doily
floral star doily floral wheel doily
flowe star doily flower and fans
flower border doily flower doily
flower doily flower doily coaster
flower nupp doily flower patch doily #d-121
flowered doily flowering pine
flowering pine doily #d-122 flowering pineapple doily
forget-me-not doily four leaf clover doily
four roses doily four round doily
frills doily & coaster funky doily
gemstone doily gerbera doily
gift doily giraffe doily
girly dresser yarn doilies girotondo
give thanks doily glorious gray pineapple doily
gold glory doily golden triangle dishcloth
grandmothers legacy granny roses
grannys favorite grape harvest doily
green leaf doily greener pastures
halloween doily halloween doily
halloween spiral spider web handicrafter cotton doily
hats hearts and flowers
hearts around doily hearts desire doily
hearts desire doily-ed jars heptagon doily
hexagon doily hidden hearts doily
hilo star hipster doily
holiday spruce doily holly & lace doily
horse head filet doily hot-air balloons
ice cream cone doily & napkin ring icy blue snow crystal doily
irish doily irish dreams doily
irish rose italian flower
japanese dahlia doily just for fun doily n coaster *
kaleidoscope doily kingfishers nest doily #d-123
kings ransom doily #7397 knots
lace doily lace doily
lace wheat doily lacy accent doily
lacy ice crystal lacy six point doily
lacy thread doily lady fair doily
ladys pleasure lagoon doily
large and small doily large doily
legacy doily les fleurs doily
light periwinkle doily lily doily
lily of the valley linen center with crocheted edge
lisas thread doily little beauty
little chanukah doily little pansy doily
little wheels doily longing for spring doily
loopy doily lost doily
lotus tile doily lovely in lavender doily
lovely lilac pineapples * mandala doily
mantilla doily maple leaf luncheon set
mediterranean surf doily merrily – a little doily
mini doily mini trellis doily
moulin rouge multicolor doily
multiple choice doilies my first doily
my rose doily * my take on elaine crochet dishcloth
name of the rose net stitch flower doily
nine patch doily oblong doily
old pink oval doily
oval thread doily palm fronds doily #d-117
pansies refreshment set pansy doily
pansy doily pansy doily
pansy doily luncheon set party frills doily
passion flower doily patriotic pentagon doily
peach and white doily peach blossoms doily
peachy doily peacocks and pineapples doily
pert ruffle doily petite pineapple doily
petite pineapples petite pink doily
picot crochet doily picot edge doily
picot points doily pine cones
pine tree doily pineapple
pineapple pineapple á l orange doily
pineapple blossoms doily pineapple bread tray doily #7772
pineapple buffet set #7858 pineapple buffet set #7867
pineapple centerpiece pineapple centerpiece
pineapple centerpiece #7768-b pineapple centerpiece #7771
pineapple centerpiece #7862 pineapple chair set
pineapple cluster doily pineapple delight
pineapple doily pineapple doily
pineapple doily pineapple doily #7768-a
pineapple doily #7773-a pineapple doily #7778
pineapple fans pineapple fantasy
pineapple foam runner & night table doily pineapple luncheon set
pineapple night table doily pineapple night table doily
pineapple night table doily #7767-a pineapple night table doily #7854
pineapple night table doily #7868 pineapple oval doily
pineapple oval doily #7861 pineapple petals doily #pd-425
pineapple plumes doily pineapple points doily #pd-424
pineapple posy doily #pd-426 pineapple six pointed doily #7769
pineapple square centerpiece #7776-a pineapple symphony
pineapple trellis doily #d-120 pineapple vanity set
pineapple vanity set pattern pineapple web doily #pd-421
pineapple wheel doily pineapple wheel doily #pd-423
pineapple wheel luncheon mat & napkin edging pineapples large and small doilies
pineapplestar pink blush doily
pink daisies pink doily
pink petal doily pink wedges doily
pinks & pineapples doily pinwheel doily
pinwheel doily – 13 inch pinwheel treat
pleasantly pineapples poinsettia doily
poinsettia doily i poinsettia doily ii
pointed harmony doily poppy doily
prairie star doily pretty kitty doily
pumpkin patch doily purple doily
purple passion purple popcorn doily
radiant doily set rectangular doily
ribbon rose doily ring of roses doily
rising sun – 12½-inch doily rock pool doily
romantic pineapples doily rose & pineapple doily
rose & shell doily rose and lace doily
rose doily rose doily
rose garden doily rose in a garden
rose of sharon doily #7271 rose petal doily
rose ring doily rose trellis doily
rosette doily round doilie
round doily round doily
round doily round luncheon doily
round rug or doily royal pineapple doily #7275
ruffle cascade doily #d-124 ruffle doily
ruffled doily ruffled rose hot mat doilies
ruffled tulip doily sailing sailing doily
sand castle doily * savannah doily
scalloped doily scalloped doily
scalloped round doily seaside doily
serendipity hearts doily seven-point doily *
she loves me, she loves me not doily shell doily
shimmering pineapple doily shooting star doily #d-127
simple doily simplicity
six sided doily coaster small exchange doily
small giraffe doily small hexagon doily
small pineapple doily snow flower doily
snowflake centered doily snowflake doily
snowflake doily sophisticated square doily
spider mum doily spider web
spider web doily spider web doily
spider web doily with flower center spinning wheel doily
spiral simplicity doily splash doily *
splendor spring flower
square doily square doily with crochet inset
square pineapple doily square pineapple doily
square pineapple doily * stacked shells mini-doily
Staff of Life Bread Doily #7544 stairs
star and ruffles doily star center doily
star doily star doily
star doily star gift
star in a snowflake — 12-inch star of india doily #7365
star spangled ruffled doily starburst doily
starburst pineapple doily stardust filet doily
starshine doily starshine doily
stylish outdoor mat sugar spun doily
summer summer blosson doily
sun-flower doily sunburst doily #d-116
sunbursts small lace doily sundial doily #7423
sundial doily #d-125 sunflower doily
sunny days doily super fast & easy doily
swan symphony doilies sweet daisy
sweetheart corsage doily #7417 swirls doily
table centre doily tablecloth doily
tambour work doily tea time doily
ten inch doily the english daisy luncheon set #747
thistledown doily #d-119 touch-of-blue doily
tralcio tranquil lace yarn doily
trellis centerpiece triangles doily *
trinket doilies trio of pineapple doilies
trish tulip doily
tulip garden doily ultimate miniature doilies i
uncle jims doily vanessa tray doily
vanity fair doilies vanity fair doily set #7406
victorian flowers vindemiatrix
vintage charm antique doily vintage crochet pineapple doily
vintage spider web doily violets & forget-me-nots linen doily
wagon wheel doily wagon wheel thread doily
waltz time filet doily waterlily centerpiece and filet doily
web of lace doily whirlwind doily #d-118
white doily white fan doily
white sapphire doily white star
wild grape doily windmill wings doily
windows winter