Doll Clothing

“cat in the hat” doll hat – for 18” dolls 11″ baby doll onesie
12-inch baby doll dress, bonnet & shoes set 12-inch baby doll lion costume, hood & toy lion
13″ school girl dolls dress 14-inch fashion doll dress
18 inch doll artsy hat 18 inch doll chick hat
18 inch doll frog hat 18 inch doll rosetta hat
18 inch doll white as snow hat 18″ sausalito shell stitch doll set
18″ doll blanket 6 inch caroler dolls
7 inch baby doll bunting a growing baby… 14″ ltl baby
a straw bonnet afternoon tea party
ag doll sleeping bag air mattress
alice in wonderland doll pattern all in one outfit with dress 12-inch fashion dolls
american girl hat american girl poncho
american girl scarf angel joy doll
anne doll #559 apron dress
aqua baby baby alive backpack carrier
baby alive bonnet & romper baby born, 3 piece outfit
baby cocoon swaddler baby doll afghan
baby doll afghan baby doll afghan & pillow
baby doll backpac baby doll cap
baby doll filet afghan baby doll green shell afghan
baby doll hat baby doll puff shell afghan
baby sasha summer outfit baby yazmins nightgown
baking chef doll ballerina
ballerina clothespin doll ballerina doll #557
?barbie christmas angel barbie harvest angel
barbie leotard beanie
beanie baby blanket beautiful baby -15″ cpk
berenguer baby layette betty & bob dolls #261
blue dress blue potpourri bed doll
born on the 4th of july Boy & Girl Super Heroes
bride doll bridegroom doll
bridesmaid doll bridesmaid doll #254
buttercup – 14″ newborn buttoned pants
cabbage patch hat cape and hood doll #555
cape for mouse caring nurse doll to crochet
celebrating girldom christmas bed doll
christmas dress church on sunday – 14” cpk baby
clothespin dolls clothespin fairy *
clothing for free spirit coat and hat doll #564
colourful times – 14” cpk baby connie doll #250
coral-iscious 26″ toddler doll cradle purse
cradle purse/memory angel cradle wrist purse set
cupcake cradle purse debbie doll #566
doll backpack (18″ doll) doll basket
doll beach bag (18″ doll) doll beret
doll bib – my lil newborn doll bikini
doll blanket doll blanket
doll blanket with special stitch doll blanket, sized for 18 inch dolls
doll booties doll bridal gown
doll bunting pattern doll capri pants
doll chair and footstool doll clothes
doll dress 9 1/2 inch doll dress pattern
doll frilly sweater dress doll hair
doll halter top doll hat – my lil newborn
doll headband doll house rug
doll or baby sack hat doll pillow
doll pillow & blanket doll poncho
doll ripple sleep sack doll scarf (for 18″ doll)
doll set doll shorts
doll shorts or pants doll skirt
doll sleep sack doll sofa
doll spring poncho doll stocking cap
doll stockings doll sun hat
doll towel doll with blue and white dress
doll with red dress pattern dolls dress #5191b
doreen doll #262 doreen doll #554
dress for 6″ impkin doll dress for amigurumi elephant
dress for betsy mccall dress-me dolls nightgown
easter bunny baby doll costume easter tissue cover doll
easy spring time dress for bunny ebony and ivory
eco-baby 14″ cpk egg-cellent romper
english lavender doll ever after high dolls on summer vacation
everyday outfit and penguin costume fairy princess
fairy princess doll fashion doll tube top and skirt
festive santa hat five easy pieces
flora dora doll #256 footed overalls with matching shirt
frances doll #553 fun fur top & pants for 13” doll
ghost costume for your monkey gibson girl doll
glamour gown with cape for large 13” baby bratz doll handy hugs doll scarf
hat for a walking doll hearts galore doll scarf
hello kitty dress – kleid humpty dumpty
ilac tassel doll indian princess air freshener doll dress
infant or dolls hat international dolls-miss cuba
itty bitty hat jack & jill doll
janes delight jean & john dolls #253
jenny & jimmy dolls #257 jingo
juanita doll kelly doll shirt and pants
kelly victorian-style outfit with muff knight ken outfit
lala loopsy shawl/caplet, purse & shoes lala loopsy shrug/bolero
lala loopsy shrug/bolero and purse large baby bratz doll party dress
large baby doll carrier/bed large doll hat
lavender doll lavender potpourri bed doll
let it snow – 14″ cpk little bo peep doll
little pipsqueak pattern for 14″ berenguer little pony booties
little red riding hood littlest pet shop bird hat
loopy tote bag marilyn doll #255
mary christmas mary christmas doll
minature dollhouse pie pattern mini mochi 18″ doll set
miniature doll granny blanket miniature wicker sofa
minnies bow miss april doll #551
miss china doll miss france doll
miss hawaii doll miss holland doll
miss italy doll miss latin america doll
miss spain doll miss sweden doll
miss u.s.a. doll misty blue
mr. santa claus doll my doll’s easter frock
my doll’s easter frock my favorite beanie for 18 inch dolls
my heart belongs to baby blankie my little pony cape
my little pony hat my little pony pants/leggings
my little pony poncho my little pony sweater
pajamas & teddy for 12” bratz fashion doll pansie pin cushion doll #552
pansy bonnet for impkin doll parasol doll #259
paris bebe 12” fashion doll outfit parisian doll beret
park avenue belle doll #251 party girl doll #258
peach delight baby doll dress peaches and cream pinafore outfit
peaches doll doily pin cushion doll #561
pink baby doll dress, shrug and hat polly pumpkin
pony dresses precious – christening set for 14″ newborn baby
prince ken outfit princess doll #558
pullip babydoll nightie pullip backless sundress
pullip basic leotard pullip belted shift dress
pullip fan-stitched wrap skirt pullip goes to the beach
pullip halter colorblock dress pullip little black dress
pullip the magician queen of hearts doll
red dress ribbon block hat for 3 month size baby
ribbon block tiny purse for 3 month size baby ripple doll bib
rojo clothes rose marie doll #562
rose pin cushion doll #550 ruffle tank top
ruffled doll booties samantha doll
santa claus doll say “bye-bye” – 14” cpk boy
saying bye-bye – 15” cpk baby girl scrap book friend doll
sheep bonnet, romper and socks for a babydoll simple doll dress
skater doll #260 small doll cocoon and cap
snow queen bed doll snuggle cuddle cocoon
sock monkey hoodie southern bell
southern belle button doll square doll bib
stuffed animal keyhole scarf stuffed animal sweater
summer bell lala loopsy dress summer dress for fashion 16 inch dolls
summer for sasha baby summer ruffle lala loopsy dress
summer wishes shirt sunbonnet doll #252
sundress sunny day doll dress & headband
sunsuit / jumpsuit super easy crochet skirt for sock monkey/ doll
susan doll #565 sweater and hat for surprise newborn- cpd
sweetums sylvanian families shell-stitched dress
sylvanian families sleeping bag sylvanian families swimming trunks
take a seat – doll furniture cover ups tammy
teddy bears “bunny rabbit sundress” tiny backpack/purse
tiny stetson for tiny plushies tree top christmas angel
valentine doll headband earwarmer watermelon crawler
wedding dress for doll wedding gown victorian dolly dress
white gown with black lace for 12” fashion bratz winter is coming – 14” cpk baby