Dolls American Girl

18″ doll christmas hat 18″ doll granny poncho
18″ doll poncho 18″ sausalito crochet shell stitch doll set
18” doll dress 1960s retro outfit for american girl size doll
a day at the opera – 18″ doll a green christmas – 18” doll
ag anchors aweigh ag doll ice skating outfit
ag doll snuggle up ag duffle bag
ag floral motif hat ag flower slipper
ag fluff beanie ag pioneer winter outfit
ag summer fun accessories ag sun dress set
ag tennis set ag western gear
ag winter tie hat alicia ann – 18″ doll
american girl backpack american girl beanie
american girl doll princess dress american girl head warmer/ ear warmer
american girl shawl/wrap american girl size doll dress with vest
american girl size doll guitar american girl size doll thread party dress
arabella…18” doll babykids 18″ baby
barbara ann – 18” doll beret
black and white & red all over… 18” doll blanket
boa evening gown boho doll top
bunny slippers buttercup hat
button boots cargo skirt outfit w/backpack
casual fridays – 18” doll cat nap 18″ doll
celebrating girldom chelsie… 18” doll
coat for american girl size doll cocktail dress with beads
cocktail hat with beads doll ear flap hat 3 ways
doll hat doll headband
doll hood doll hoodie
eighteen inch doll sweetheart set empire waist dress with ruffles
evening dress w/ shawl pattern- 18″ doll evening gloves
fancy pants 18” doll flared buttercup skirt
fresh as a daisy- 18″ doll clothes fun & funky witch costume
fun fur hat and scarf gardeners getaway -18″ doll
go crocs – 18” doll halter top
hat & muff set for american girl size doll i need a dress right now-18″ doll
im in the mood for blue -18″ doll in the navy- 18″ doll
inspiration to wear -18″ doll jumper, for 18″ doll
just like me doll shrug kitty kat in black – 18″ doll clothes
lace hat lace skirt
lace summer dress lacey celebration dress- 18″ doll clothes
lacy bolero life is just peachy – 18” doll
liquid sunshine; 18″ doll little girl dreams- 18″ doll
mary – 18″ doll skater mini mochi crochet 18″ doll set
mini slouchy hat miss bentley -18″ doll
mommy, purple is on sale – 18″ doll movie night – 18” doll
nightie, robe & slippers – 18″ doll clothes ode to florence and cape – 18″ doll
olivia doll outfit: skirt, top & hat one piece bathing suit
panties for an american girl doll pants for american girl dolls
patriots daughter 18″ doll peggy – 18″ doll skater
pineapples for molly pink is so pretty -18″
pj-partay- 18″ doll pride & prejudice- 18″ doll clothes
pumpkin costume- 18″ doll clothes purty pink promises -18” doll
remember the day- 18″ doll retro doll accessories
rose dress- 18″ doll clothes ruffled doll skirt for 18 inch doll
ruffled sleeveless crocheted sweater & skirt for 18-inch dolls safari… 18” doll
say goodnight gracie – nightgown for 18 inch doll seasoned just right! – 18” doll ensemble
simplicity dress- 18″ doll clothes skating dress
sleeveless wrap top snow days – 18″ doll
song sung blue – 18″ doll sonja – 18″ doll
spring blizzard – 18″ doll spring dress for american girl dolls
spring fling garden party -18″ doll spring sweater for 18 inch doll
summer cardigan summer dress
summer raglan dress summer shorts
summer top take me away – 18″ doll
triple ruffle dress twinkle, twinkle… baby 18” doll
victoria – 18″ doll we gather together -18” doll
wearing the green – 18” doll wedding dress for american girl dolls
wild cherries and cream – 18” doll pattern winter wedding dreams– 18” doll
yesteryear – baby 18″ doll youthful memories – 18″ doll