Farm Animals

“piggy bank” a goofy looking cow
a sheep for ewe! amigurumi baby chick
angry birds king pig baby chick
baby pig baby sheep
baby sheep – little timmy big billy sheep
bingo, the friendly elephant blackie lamb stuffed animal #pc-1506
blue donkey butterball chick
chick chick amigurumi
chick pattern chicken critter
chicken egg cosy chickens kit
chicklet chicklet
chicks are multiplying chinese new year sheep/lamb
chubby sheep cinnamon the amigurumi hen
country cord cuddlers country cord cuddlers
cow bookmark cow keychain critter
cow plastic bag holder cow tipping
cow tipping! creametta moolove funmigurumi cow
critter coaster – pig crocheted hedgehog
cu-pig cute chick
cute little piggy daisy the duck
danny duck potholder dolly sheep
duck duck
duck duck & chicken
duck stuffed animal ducks
egg and chicken eggy – the cute chick
eggy – the cute chick ewey the lamb
ewey the lamb fabrizio, the rainbow pig
felted amigurumi sheep felted doris the duckling
fluffy sheep flying pigs
funky donkey gardenia lamb stuffed animal #pc-1508
gonzo, el ganzo feliz granny chicken
granny cow granny pig
grove the duck heloise hen
hen henrietta chicken and her chicks stuffed animal #pc-1500
henry rooster stuffed animal #pc-1502 holiday chick
hyacinth pig stuffed animal #pc-1501 keep drinking, duckie
lamb pattern and baby mobile lamby pie lamb
lewis and lucy duck lil duck
lionel llama little bigfoot piggy
little chick bean bag little chicken bean bag
little chickie chicken little chirpy chicken
little duck little lamb
little lucky pig little pig
little pig little pig *
little piggy little piggy
llama louella duck stuffed animal #pc-1509
mabel the pig * mama chicken
martha cow stuffed animal #pc-1505 mini sheep
minty – the happy sheep badge momma chicken
monty moo newborn guinea pig
ox amigurumi pearls before swine- pig, rat, croc
pig pig
pig pig
pig pig and her pancake
pig and piglet pig chalkboard
pig in the city piggy cupcake
piggyback pigs will fly
pink pig pinky baby lamb
pip the chick princess p
rainbow donkey rooster
rubber duck shaun sheep
sheep sheep
sheep sheep
sheep * sheep etu
sheep from obilvion island sheep scarf pattern
sheep toy sheepy
sheldon the sheep shorn the sheep
sleepy sheep small ox
smaller ugly duckling squeezable sheep
strawberry the sleepy cow stuffed donkey
stuffed lamb stuffed lamb toy
sweet sheep sweet sheep toy
swine flu!!! tiny chick
totsie the pig tumbles pig
turkey wee sheepie
widdle fat sheepy william goat stuffed animal #pc-1507
woolly the funmigurumi lamb zack and daisy mae cow