Plarn Items

3d pointed-center flower 3d scalloped flower
3d tear drop crochet earrings 3d tear drop earrings
3d veined flower with bulb stamen all american plarn bag
another trash frapp – the plastic smoothie apple heart motif
arc lace edging #1 baby bib
basic “plarn” tote best friends forever bracelet
betta blanca roja cellphone cozy
box-bottom tote boxy pouch
bread bag handbag bread bag tote
broken promise pouch bullion-rimmed flower crochet earrings
bullion-rimmed flower drop earrings bushy pouch
chains of hearts bracelet checkers
chicks footprint drop earrings christmas flower motif
christmas plarn stocking pattern cluster stitch recycled gift bag
coasters crocheted plarn basket
crocheted square bangles dainty madel drop earrings
diamond motif dishcloths with plastic scrubber
doormat rug draft dodger from recycled plastic bags
drop n cross earrings dual handled plarn tote bag
floppy plarn hat flower power plarn tote bag
footprint drop earrings gentle waves pouch
gingham plarn purse granny square bag
green easter basket grocery/beach bag
hofris little heart how to make plarn
jumbo plarn beach bag lacy clusters pouch
lacy scallops and arcade pouch little pots
lucky crab stitch earrings maite drop earrings
mamas dc earrings manly cross keychain
mans cross keychain messenger bag
orange plarn trick or treat bag pink glass flower and kisses headband
plarn bag plarn can cozy
plarn dish scrubber plarn hair barrette
plarn laundry basket plarn placemats and coasters
plarn plastic bag keeper plarn purse
plarn welcome mat plastic bag bag
plastique plarn purse pop tab plarn heart applique
pop tab ring of elegance pop tab tote bag
pot scrubber recycled bag tote
recycled clothes pin bag recycled easter egg basket
recycled giftwrap recycled girl’s sunshine purse
recycled hook case recycled mini shoulder bag
recycled motif granny tote bag recycled net market bag
recycled pink plastic purse recycled plarn backpack pattern
recycled plastic bag sandals recycled plastic baseball cap
recycled plastic can cozy recycled plastic granny square tote bag
recycled plastic hobo handbag recycled plastic plarn handbag
recycled plastic shoulder bag recycled plastic water bottle holder
recycled plastic yarn recycled ripple purse
recycled round grocery tote bag recycled round plarn rug
recycled scrubber & dishcloth recycled valentines bag
recycled, upcycled frappuccino (or “the trash frapp”) reusable plarn produce bag
ripple pouch satchel styled tote bag
scalloped flower jewelry set scalloped flower summer jewelry set
scrubbie coral snowman
soap dish square bangles
starbust pouch sunflower tote bag
sweet innocence necklace with hofri flower motif too much candy drop earrings
tote bags toy plarn ball
toy tote valentine slim square bangles
variegated plarn tote bag water bottle holder
weaved wave bracelet white crocheted plastic hobo purse
yellow barbie plarn dress