Sea Creatures

all in one octopus ami octopus
ami octopus amigurumi shrimp delight
amigurumi small takochu octopus amitopus
angel fish angel fish applique
anglerfish ba octopus
baby fish baby harp seal
baby octopus baby octopus
baby octopus baby octopus
baby octopuses baby seal
baby squid bb penguin
big ami octopus big green fish
big rainbow fish bobtail squid
bullion coral captain calamarri
cheeky the octopus cheep-cheep plushie
chubby fish clam
colorfish crab
crab crab appliqué
crab kit crabby the crab
cute little octopus cute seahorse
daddy and baby dolphin dolphin
dolphin free chart dolphins
douglas the octopus eel amigurumi
fabulous fish dishcloth fancy feast
fancy goldfish fish
fish applique fish appliques
fish bookmark fish potholder
flea the octopus fredde the fish
freddie the fish freeform sea fan
friendly jellyfish goldfish
great whale greg the crab monster
itty bitty crocheted alligator jellyfish
jellyfish jellyfish
jellyfish jam kitschy cute octopus
kowalski the penguin kraken
kraken octopus squid applique large seahorse applique
large seashell leatherback sea turtle
lil starfish little blue lobster
little fishie scrubbies little flying whale
little lobster & baby mermaid littlest bashful starfish
lobster long leg octopus
long leg octopus lots of little fishys
m. richard the whale: * make a young kraken
manta ray medium seashells
medusa mini octopus
mini octopus narwhal
narwhal narwhal
nemo octavius the octopus
octo-slinky toy octopus
octopus octopus
octopus octopus
octopus octopus
octopus octopus & starfish
octopus applique octopus finger puppet
octopus revolution olga octopus
one piece penguin orca
orca overboard
penguin penguin
penguin penguin cell phone strap
penguins plarn betta
playful dolphin renegade octopus
sea turtle in two sizes seahorse
seahorse seahorse
seahorse and starfish seahorse applique
seal ornament sealife pin
seashell appliques shark
shark shark attack
sharky stuffed toy sheldon the crab
silly blue whale simple fish
small seahorse applique snuggles the penguin
soft jellyfish toy spheal
squid squid purse
squiddley squishy the squid
starfish sting ray
swirly octopus teeny tiny crabs
teeny tiny lobsters tiny angel fish
tiny octopus tiny seashells and snail
tiny whale toy octopus
unhappy lil slug wally the whale
whale whale
whale afghan square whale of a tale
whale stare