Smaller Motifs Squares

“ribbed cross” granny square small crochet motif
stitchfinder: crochet floral block: chrysanthemum square 3 1/2″ quilt inspired crochet square
3-inch popcorn flower afghan square 4-hearts square
a flower motif african flower
african flower granny african flower granny
african flower pentagon african flower square
alter nate crochet square alter nate crochet square
american patriot square aruba star
baby afghan square baby afghan two color square
baby granny basic rectangle granny
basket weave granny square batman tapestry
beautiful medallion motif bedspread square
better granny rectangle bloom in spring – granny square
blushing bride square bonnet babies crochet square
bow granny square bowtie bunny applique/square
brighten my day medallion busy lizzie block
buttercup afghan square butterfly garden afghan block
camellia motif camo crochet afghan square
celtic knot squares charmant
christmas double hearts christmas flower motif
christmas tree motif circle granny square
circle in a square circle in the square
circle motif circle to hex to triangle 5×5
classic granny square classic granny square
classic granny square classic motif
cluster granny square colorado strong granny square
columns coral reef motif
corner puffs motif corner start/diagonal granny square
cornered hearts square cow applique
crochet daisy granny squares crochet snowman granny square
crochet spot square crocodile flower
crossed square crystal star motif
cygni daffodowndillies square
dahlia in a square dahlia in a square
daisy dukes flower granny square daisy flower granny square
daisy granny square daylilies motif
dc wave lace diagonal box stitch square
diamond in a frame granny square diamond motif
dimensional flower granny square dolphin afghan square
double heart patch easy “flower box” granny square
easy 5″ afghan square easy peasy flower squares
eloiza motif field of flowers vintage granny
finnish granny square fish afghan square
flag granny square floral block: butterfly square
floral block: crocus floral gem motif
floral granny square flower bud granny hexagon
flower bud granny square flower gardan granny square
flower garden afghan motif flower granny square
flower granny square flower hexagon granny how-to
flower loom granny square flower motif
flower motif (no sew) flower patches
flower square design football center granny type afghan square
forget-me-not mini granny square forget-me-not motif
frilly crochet granny square golden seasons medallion
grandmas heart square granny arrows tutorial
granny arrows tutorial- on the diag granny for christmas square
granny hex granny hexagon
granny rose granny sampler afghan
granny spike stitch granny spiral
granny square granny square
granny square granny square
granny square granny square
granny square afghan square granny square coaster pouch
granny square inserts granny square motif
granny square motif granny square with butterfly applique
granny squares granny squares step by step!
granny triangle granny with daffodil flower
heart afghan square 2 heart in square ii
heart to circle to square motif hearts desire motif
hexagon hexagon crochet bee
hexagon motif hexagon motif
hexagon shaped 6-sided motif hexagon squares
hexagonal rosy motif holiday motif
horizontal hearts in a row patch in bloom medallion
in like a lamb, out like a lion irish crochet rose square medallion
jacobís square ~ 6″ afghan square knobby granny square
lacy and bright lacy block
lacy flower afghan square lacy flower granny square
ladybug applique/square large circles in a square
large flower hexagon lavender square
leilah the lazy hegaxon granny letter l block
lily pad hexagons liorís granny square
little circle square tutorial little hexagon motif
little lamb applique/square little motif
little pumpkin square little spring mandala
love flower field square love garden granny afghan block
lovely heart motif majestic bloom granny square
marigold granny square mary mary quite contrary motif
matilda may flowers granny square
mayapple flower square maybelle square
memaw square mini hexagon
mini mandala block tutorial mini puff cross pattern
minion granny squares mitered granny square
monster applique/square monster granny squares
motif pattern multicolor granny squares
my favorite daisy nine heart motif in irish crochet
octagon granny motif off center lines square
orchid interlude motif oval granny doily
owl applique/square owl granny square
paisley motif peace sign granny square
peace, love, and granny squares petal pyramid motif
photos picot de mayo
pig applique pineapple leaves tray mat & napkin edging
pineapple square pineapple square no. s734
pineapple square no. s735 pineapple square no. s736
pineapple square no. s737 pineapple square no. s738
pineapple square no. s739 pineapple square no. s740
pineapple square no. s741 pineapple square no. s742
pineapple square no. s743 pineapple square no. s744
pineapple square no. s745 pineapple square no. s746
pineapple square no. s747 pineapple walk motif
pinwheel granny square pirate granny squares
pirate granny squares pixel squares
poinsettia square popcorn pineapple square no. s733
poppy square pretty pinwheels motif
primrose square puffed daisy hexagon
puffed daisy hexagon raised bunchberry square
raised bunchberry square – 12 inch version rambling rose motif
rectangle grannies rectangular granny square
retro polka dot motif riley flower square motif
rings diamond robot square/applique
rose and white motif rose bouquet motif
rose whirl motif round flowers patches
row count dress afghan square row count number sign coaster
ruffled squares sandy dunes binky
scrap yarn square sea pennies
sisterhood blanket square skull patch
skull with heart patch small triangle granny
snappy square solid granny square
something cute flower square spanish lace
spider web square spin-a-daisy motif
spot square spring medallion
spring pansy flower granny springtime hexagon
square crochet green child square motif
squares in square squaring the big circle tutorial
squaring the big circle tutorial stain glass tree of life afghan square
stained glass look bird design afghan square star motif
star of venice motif star wars imperial square
starburst granny square starburst motif
stencil bees circle motif stitch afghan block
summer garden granny square sun center granny square
sun rays hexagon six-sided motif sunburst granny hearts
sunburst granny square sunflower granny square
sunflower motif sunrise granny square
tanabata matsuri afghan block tea for two
ten minute hexagon the homely blanket square
three daisy square torch flower motif
traditional granny square triangle shaped motif
tulip square tulip square
two openwork motifs unbroken hearts granny square
unholey rectangle valentines mini motif
victorian motif water lily granny
water lily motif waterflower granny
wheel wiggles square for sibol
wild daisy flower granny square wild rose scroll motif