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About Me:
Mad chick who likes to cro-ate unique and interesting things.  I love to use recycled and easy to obtain materials in my crochet work so everyone can make one!  I work extremely hard to create original/unique patterns, from cute to creepy.

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My Patterns:

animal shelter bedbat finger puppet
the pilleggs over easy
spiderdancing groot plant poke
handy hugs doll scarfsimple frog
gene gnomegroundhog finger puppet
snowman and melting snowmanspirit finger puppet
phoney dripalien finger puppet
twisted chain necklace nutters the nervous lab rat
hummingbirdfly for venus fly trap
juan the overindulged tequila wormoscar the grouch finger muppet
hairy red gossamer monsterquick and dirty furry beard
venus fly trap finger puppethalloween finger lip balm holder
basic humanoid formsimple doll lab
hedgehog option from the lab rat patterntiny safety cones
spiral heart applique/ornamentlenore the cute little dead girl
easy amigurumi peanut
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