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baby sweetheart beanie

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About Me:
I am a stay at home mum in Australia who designs crochet patterns primarily for angel babies (as mementos and for burial) and for premature babies who simply do not fit into store bought clothing. I also design a lot of outfits for Barbie, and dabble into photography props, newborn items and toys.

My Patterns:

christmas party rufflesmovie night dress
memory pillow v2 memory pillow v3 - daisy do
snuggle cuddle cocoon carrot dress
flowie dress birdy rattle
simple sandals catnip catfish toy
hooded cape and capelete for barbiebunches of bags
stripes and spikes preemie beaniebasic button up burial cocoon
baby sneakersdragon rattle
heart motif hatparty legwarmers and headband set
basic ribbed tiebackchunky bobble headband
daint leaves headbandlil pants
dorian bootiesmini mary janes
widget the chihuahua mini snuggle minion mini snug blanket
pad walletchunky christmas bonnets
bootie socksmy little frankie
spice the witchsuper versatile romper
scrapbuster ballskalia gown
salad rollrattie houses from upcycled bedsheets
moos mitts wendy thread gown
playfood - chilli pepperedith bonnet
george the snowmanribbed preemie jacket
iris earringssnuggle cuddle cocoon resized
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