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About Me:
I enjoy creating small projects that are simple yet whimsical. Whether you are looking for cute amigurumi food or some quick to work up ears for a costume party I have it covered. Most of my patterns can be worked from those little balls of scrap you hide in the bottom of your yarn stash.

My Patterns:

pink ear headbandbrains
kawaii octopus amigurumi magical unicorn headband
pepper the pocket hedgehogtabby cat headband
bitty bird and nest amigurumi chubby amigurumi kitty cat
yummy pancakes and eggs amigurumi bioluminescent lab rat
bok choy curly fries
fairyhot pepper
japanese eggplant mexican dinner
petite pegasus pony airy summer hobo
fancy fan mandala market bag
nomnom noodles spring roll and wonton
chocolate eclair daikon
green eggs and hamhanami dango
hula house cat sakuramochi
strawberry shortcake zombie blood
cream horn french macarons
pear tomato red velvet bundt cake
baby octopus forest folk ears
fruit batheavy duty potholder
kitty harness recipe mini birthday cupcakes
petit four rainbow cake slice
beaded game day headband beet
daddy octopus habanero
lassie wig laulau
little leek no holes barred scarf
one skein ruffled capelet rainbow chain headband
spam musubi beaded fringe necklace
breakfast radish butternut squash
flower girl clips mini candy corn bunny
nyan bow organic carrot
owlet peaches or plums
white squirrel chibi ninja
florida shrugkitten ears
kitten mittsmy cats favorite mouse
takoyaki amigdalota
cream puff forest faerie cowl
pomegranate romantic cuffs
caution...a head pony hat
simple peacock earrings sparkling snowflake ornament
vegan coon "skin" cap boho doll top
crooked neck squashdoll ear flap hat 3 ways
faded rainbow tablet casedoll frilly sweater dress
mini slouchy hatoctopus cowl
dress-able crochet dollypotato
sugar pie scoodieteeny tiny falafel
ba octopusloonette
chakra hateye balls
retro rabbit earsone bite ice cream cone
i believe in dragons
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