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The Sun and the Turtle


About Me:
Hey we are Jenn and John the hook ninja and media ninja of The Sun and the Turtle.

The Sun and the Turtle's Amigurumi patterns are fun and unique. We see Amigurumi crocheters as magicians and ninjas, with the hook as their wand and sword!
The Sun and the Turtle was formed as a mutual dream of a sensible and tangible lifestyle full of color, harmony and adventure.

Our creations are made with the purpose of spreading light and joy. We get inspiration and ideas for our creations by travelling and observing nature in her various manifestations around the globe.

By reflecting upon society and human design we have come to the conclusion that many people need to be reminded of their connection to mother earth, pachamama, gaia, nature.
This thought can be seen throughout our work and we hope it succeeds in transmitting the joy and transcendence we feel being a vibrating and colorful couple living as one with nature.

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carrot bunnyhamster
how to make a magic ringbunny with a carrot
guinea piglion boy
squirrel keychainfox
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